Layout Diff

Never again be surprised by layout mistakes!

LayoutDiff is a visual regression testing tool to monitor all layout changes made on your mobile app and it knows exactly what you are releasing.

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What Benefits Will You Get?

Validating of layout changes on CI/CD

LayoutDiff is integrated with Github and checks every UI change made on project branches when a Pull Request is opened.

Give superpowers to UI tests

UI tests are great for expected changes. However, in the real world projects, changes are frequent and new widgets could pass unnoticed. LayoutDiff validates what your app looks like by scanning UI screenshots from UI tests. This approach increases the power of automated tests, finding even the smallest unexpected changes.

Empower designers to validate layout changes

When changes are detected, LayoutDiff will ask for approvals. The designers can approve or deny these changes participating in the CI/CD workflow, ensuring the layout quality of the whole development process.

Get the whole team working together

The layout concept can be very complex and many people can work on it. LayoutDiff allows everyone involved to follow the evolution of the project appearance without the need for browsing each app screen on a mobile device.

What People Say About Us?

Sounds very cool

I've already created my account, it connects directly to github with no efforts!


My company need this kind of automation.

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Don't waste time browsing screen by screen. See only the changes!

1 max project
basic support
not allow private repositories
allow public repositories
2 max project
basic support
allow private repositories
allow public repositories
$80.00/month $100.00/month
5 max projects
priority support
allow private repositories
allow public repositories
$150.00/month $180.00/month
10 max project
priority support
allow private repositories
allow public repositories
$250.00/month $300.00/month